Industrial Hydraulics

For more than forty years, Purolator Products Company has been a leading supplier of hydraulic filters and elements to the aerospace industry. These products were designed and manufactured with advanced materials and processes that provided cost-effective, dependable filter solutions. Along the way, Purolator led the industry in many important ways:

  • We were the first filter company to employ microglass fiber technology to provide extended-life filter media. Today, our Microfil® III media continues to provide superior contaminant capacity and filter element life.
  • We were the first filter manufacturer to adopt multipass testing as a way to characterize and define filter element performance. These test methods are considered industry standards today.
  • We developed proprietary mathematical models which we use in the research and development of Microfil® III and other filter media. We continue to use these models to develop superior media for numerous applications.
  • We pioneered the use of dynamic environmental test chambers to test filters at temperatures to -60° F., simulating flight conditions at extreme altitudes. This equipment is also used to predict filter performance in hostile environments on the ground.
  • We installed a filter medial development laboratory which also includes a state-of-the-art Fordrinier media-making machine. We use this laboratory for empirical testing of our proprietary media, models and designs.
  • We developed and produced some of the industry's first integrated filter systems, which include filter element bypass valves, differential pressure indicators and remote electrical switches. Today, our Microdelta® switches and indicators are specified by numerous aerospace and industrial OEMs.
  • We developed and authored SAE Specification ARP901, "Bubble-Point Testing of Porous Media." This specification has become the industry standard specification used to determine a filter media's maximum pore size.

Now, Purolator brings its extensive hydraulic filtration expertise to the industrial fluid power market with a full line of filters, elements, breathers, strainers and accessories.