Porous Metal

porous metalsPurolator developed porous metal technology in 1958 as a response to the rigorous requirements established by our aerospace customers. Since then, design engineers in hundreds of disciplines have found that Purolator's diffusion-bonded porous metals meet their demanding requirements. They can be manufactured in almost any shape, size or porosity for filtering, transpiration cooling and noise suppression as well as a wealth of other uses.

Our proprietary diffusion-bonding process is the key. We start with porous stainless steel materials that are layered, woven or pleated to provide the proper combination of application properties: fine filtration, flow resistance, pressure drop, cooling efficiency and more.

The entire unit is then sintered at high temperature in a controlled atmosphere furnace to diffusion bond all the layers and every contact point. This creates a sintered laminate bonded media that is surprisingly strong, ductile and corrosion resistant.

Purolator porous metals are environmentally friendly. Because they are durable and non-absorbent, they can be backwashed, cleaned and reused, thus eliminating a major headache of filter disposal.

Poroplate® media are seamless sheets of porous metal laminates made from diffusion-bonded wire cloth, fiber metal felts and perforated plates or foils that provide unique combinations of strength and accurate filtration. Click here for more detailed information on standard Poroplate® sheets.

A Poroplate® sheet starts with a precisely engineered filter medium of 2 to 200 microns. The material is usually 304L or 316L stainless steel wire cloth or felt, although Monel®, Inconel® and other special alloys may be substituted for specific applications.

Additional layers of calendered wire cloth are then layered on both sides of the filter medium to provide strength and support. These supporting layers are woven in a variety of square, twill, dutch and dutch twill weaves and then exactly positioned for optimum permeability.

The entire structure is then furnace-sintered in a controlled atmosphere to diffusion bond the individual wires and multiple layers. The resulting integrated sheet is strong, ductile and corrosion resistant.

Poroplate® Laminates

Poroplate products are commonly manufactured from 600x1200 mm panels. These panels may be trimmed into smaller sheets or discs, stamped into custom shapes or formed into cones or cylinders. Larger sheets are produced by welding several panels together.

Inherent adaptability makes Poroplate® media the perfect sintered laminate material for a wide variety of applications. Poroplate® panels, tubes and discs make excellent filters for tough industrial environments. Tubes and cones are used to fluidize dry granular materials such as cement and polymer pellets. Specialty constructions have even been used in noise suppression, transpiration cooling, vacuum forming and dewatering.

Poroplate® laminates are as versatile as you need them to be.

GKN Sinter Metals Filters®

GKN Sinter Metals FiltersGKN's Sinter Metals Filters offers a wide range of sintered metal powder filtration products for a variety of applications and industries including chemical processing, refining, hot gas, pharmaceuticals, steam service, and many more. GKN's unique sintering technology is used to create products with significant performance, durability, and reliability advantages. GKN's Sika-R-AS media, a industry exclusive, allows for removal of sub-micronic particles without the high pressure drop normally associated with flltering at this level. For more information on this and other GKN Sinter Metals Filters products, please visit their website: http://www.gkn-filters.com

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